The Defeat-NCD Partnership is overseen by a Governance Mechanism that has three components: a High Level Council, (HLC), a Consultative group (CG) and an Executive Committee (EC). These are not hierarchical—they discharge complementary roles as indicated.

High Level Council (HLC)

The HLC is the most senior level body for providing policy guidelines and garnering political will in support of the Partnership.

Consultative Group (CG)

The CG provides the forum that reflects stakeholders and constituencies that are relevant to NCDs and that also provide financial, technical and other practical support to the Partnership. These include donor governments/public sector/intergovernmental bodies, civil society and groups representing people with NCDs, international agencies, philanthropies, research and academia, private business sector and those with other specialist expertise deemed to be relevant and useful. Membership is subject to management of conflicts of interest.

Executive Committee (EC)

The EC is charged with the decisive responsibilities to govern The Defeat-NCD Partnership and discharge the obligations inherent in this function.