We help resource-poor countries to find the financing that is necessary to achieve universal health coverage (UHC) for NCDs, through a mix of public-private-people approaches that must also be sustainable as the NCDs are a long-term challenge.

Aware that official development assistance is a small and shrinking resource that must also provide for other health and development needs, we advise countries on finding the fiscal space that would permit them to invest more into NCDs from their own national health and social welfare budgets. That is accompanied by cost-sharing through insurance, microfinance and other community financing schemes that must also ensure that out-of-own-pocket expenditure is kept to less than 20% to avoid catastrophic financial hardship.

Recognising that the magnitude of the NCD challenge requires significant additional resources, we seek extra donor and philanthropic funding for countries alongside designing innovative financing instruments such as commercial bonds. Country specific public-private-people partnerships are developed linked to their specific plans and requirements.

Our overall intent is to expand financial provision for resource-poor countries, so that UHC for NCDs is progressed in a sustainable manner.