We help resource-poor countries to expand the consistent availability of affordable NCD drugs, diagnostics, and devices through the Defeat-NCD Marketplace.

This is designed to tackle overly high prices while ensuring quality control and reliable provision to prevent stock outs. The Marketplace’s provision of supplies is based on the WHO List of Essential Medicines and the standards set by respected regulatory bodies. The easy-to use online Marketplace is structured to create a competitive environment serving the interests of both buyers and suppliers and providing a transparency of process that builds mutual trust and confidence.

Market sizing studies, market shaping and price tracking activities to improve efficiency will accompany the Marketplace, which is free to use by purchasers. Technical services are available to help countries to design and articulate their procurement needs more efficiently. This can mean, for example, regional and other pooled procurement options to get more cost effective deals.

The returns from the functioning of the Marketplace are ploughed back into countries to assist them to build national capacities in procurement systems and supply chain management (customs clearance and exemptions; warehousing, stock control and rotation; and secondary distribution to delivery points), which are frequently encountered choke points.

Our overall intent is to ensure that NCD-related drugs, diagnostics, and devices are reliably and affordably available close to where people live, to drive down out-of-own-pocket and health system expenditures while achieving better health outcomes.