Ms Karmass brings strong expertise in public and corporate communications. She also has a master’s in crisis analysis and humanitarian action.

She is currently operations manager for The Talent Factory. Coming from a French-Moroccan background, she brings more than a decade of experience working in humanitarian affairs and human rights, including with Médecins Sans Frontières and the Global Alliance Against Female Genital Mutilation. She was also at the Al Jazeera Human Rights Center and the Geneva Global Media Center, where she worked with journalists and human rights activists.

Her fundraising experience has included mobilising traditional and non-traditional funding for UNICEF (from businesses and the private sector) and Islamic Relief (health-related programmes). As head of the NGO “En route contre l’exclusion” she was in charge of planning, funding and monitoring multiple ongoing projects which specialised in minimising the impact of social exclusion in India and Argentina.

Ms Karmass is based in Doha.